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Logo Quiz Game Level 7

You are the luckiest logo expert if you have passed all previous levels and still have an inspiration and gambling passion to continue the game! Logo Quiz Game has won the world of Apple gamers and still gaining the popularity among the eager users. Why the game has turned so popular? It is due to the simplicity it performs from the first glance. All that you need is to type in the name of the famous brand correctly and proceed further. However when the first picture of the logo appears you see that everything is not as easy as it have seemed a minute ago! The brands and logos seem familiar however their names are not accepted by the game. You try other and other names choosing from all the possible and all the efforts are vain until you try a hint and the logo turns easier to guess!

You should remember that Logo Quiz Game has nine levels and the free hints and stars provided in the game should be used through all the levels. It means that these are not restored with each new level. Another challenge of the game is time limits of each level. You surely face one of two extremes: either typing in the names fast and with spelling mistakes or slowly and correctly however with great time loss! Getting to the Logo Quiz Game Level 7 requires much efforts and time and if you have done this you will surely be able to cope with few final levels.

To make this easier we offer you to use some hints which guarantee you to pass the level 7 quickly. The right answers will help you to proceed further and save the remaining stars and hints if you managed to save some in previous levels of this super Logo Quiz Game!

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